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Manchester-based artist Martin Lynch-Smith expertly sketches the human eye, capturing every minute detail. From the wispy hairs of one’s eyelashes and the wrinkled creases under the eye to the entrancing texture of the iris, the artist is able to execute hyperrealistic renditions of soulful eyes.

Lynch-Smith’s collection of eye drawings present a captivating, up-close look at a variety of glistening eyes. Equipped with a set of Wolff’s carbon pencils; 2h, 2b, and 4b mechanical pencils; and a white Posca pen for highlights, the 32-year-old artist uses his skilled hand to produce his monochromatic creations that offer more than just a few orbs staring back at you. The series, titled Reflections, features a number of eyes whose watery surface gives a glimpse of another scene.

If you like hyperrealistic drawings of eyes, you should also check out the works of Armin Mersmann, Jasper Branse and Brian Schmalzriedt.

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